Bennett, Caudill elected as officers

During our biannual Expe-Chicken celebration, upcoming sophomore Jake Caudill was elected Vice President of Expedition. He will begin his duties in the fall semester. Jake will be replacing Isaac Short, ’15, who has served as an Expedition officer since the Higher Ground days. President Jordan Bennett was elected to another term as President of the group.


The Latest Playlist for the Crazy Weeks Ahead

Hey guys!

Thanks to everyone who came last night to Higher Ground. David Jackson of Emory United Methodist led our discussion and did a great job. For those of you who weren’t there, the topic was on the church in a rapidly changing culture and how certain radical individuals are being successful in spreading the Gospel of Christ in an atmosphere in which the church has never before been.

Now that Spring Break is over, we have finally hit the break-neck pace of the final weeks. I know we’re all going crazy with deadlines, papers, and projects. To help get us through, here is the latest Higher Ground playlist. Since I’m not excluded from the demands of deadlines, I’ll just link to the Youtube playlist and you should be good to go. I hope you enjoy it and good luck in these last few weeks.

Youtube Playlist

New Playlist and Announcements

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the delay on posting. Life has a way of interrupting things. Last week Hilary Streever from St. Thomas Episcopal Church joined us for discussion and it was awesome. This week Tim Reynolds from Sinking Spring Presbyterian Church is coming to lead our discussion. It’s sure to be an awesome time! On top of that excitement, since it’s been a crazy week for everyone, here is a brand new playlist to help get you through the rest of the week. I’ll try to post these more regularly from now on.

New Old Meeting Time and Guest Schedule

The meeting time for Higher Ground has been moved back to Thursdays at  7:30 for logistical reasons. Sorry for the confusion.

Also, the Higher Ground guest speaker schedule is coming together. As I get confirmations, they will be posted here. As it stands, the schedule is:

2/6 – Rev. Mary K. Briggs (Methodist)
2/13 – Canceled due to inclement weather
2/20 – Rev. Hilary Streever (Episcopalian)
2/27 – Rev. Tim Reynolds (Presbyterian – PCUSA)
3/6 – Rev. John Dawson (Presbyterian – PCA)
3/13 – Spring Break
3/20 – Rev. David Jackson (Methodist)
3/27 – Rev. G. Scott Homesley (Lutheran)
4/3 – Rev. Tim Reynolds (Presbyterian – PCUSA)
4/10 – Rev. G. Scott Homesley (Lutheran)
4/17 – Dr. David St. Clair (Methodist)
4/24 – Day of Reflection

First Post and a Playlist

Hey everyone!

We’re all super excited about the beginning of a new semester. There are a lot of interesting changes in store and things are going to be awesome. To kick off this new semester and to christen the new website, here is a list of cool songs to check out. We’ll try to post these weekly, or there abouts, so that you have something to kill the time with which you’re supposed to be studying.