New Old Meeting Time and Guest Schedule

The meeting time for Higher Ground has been moved back to Thursdays at  7:30 for logistical reasons. Sorry for the confusion.

Also, the Higher Ground guest speaker schedule is coming together. As I get confirmations, they will be posted here. As it stands, the schedule is:

2/6 – Rev. Mary K. Briggs (Methodist)
2/13 – Canceled due to inclement weather
2/20 – Rev. Hilary Streever (Episcopalian)
2/27 – Rev. Tim Reynolds (Presbyterian – PCUSA)
3/6 – Rev. John Dawson (Presbyterian – PCA)
3/13 – Spring Break
3/20 – Rev. David Jackson (Methodist)
3/27 – Rev. G. Scott Homesley (Lutheran)
4/3 – Rev. Tim Reynolds (Presbyterian – PCUSA)
4/10 – Rev. G. Scott Homesley (Lutheran)
4/17 – Dr. David St. Clair (Methodist)
4/24 – Day of Reflection


New Meeting Time

Make sure to note that Higher Ground will now meet on Wednesdays at 6:45PM. Cole Conley has volunteered to lead the study next week. Hopefully, we can begin having guest speakers early in February.

First Post and a Playlist

Hey everyone!

We’re all super excited about the beginning of a new semester. There are a lot of interesting changes in store and things are going to be awesome. To kick off this new semester and to christen the new website, here is a list of cool songs to check out. We’ll try to post these weekly, or there abouts, so that you have something to kill the time with which you’re supposed to be studying.